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We’ve got everything they need to know about the local area, from suggestions for visitor itineraries, or walking and cycling routes, to essential information and comprehensive events listings. is designed to showcase the amazing array of things to see and do in Allerdale, as well as all the practical information visitors need. even has a web-accessibility toolbar which allows the site to be translated into more than 100 languages so your visitors can learn more about this area, wherever they are from in the world.

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becoming part of a bigger picture. Linking to a trusted, established site such as will enhance the search engine optimisation for your site.

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You’re giving your customers an insight into everything that’s going on around the borough – we have inspiring video content, loads of tips and ideas, and you can translate our site into over 100 languages by clicking a button.

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Not only are you showing off your company, you’re also helping your neighbours by shouting about the wider area. No business can survive in isolation – there’s strength in numbers.

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You’re showing you’re part of an established community – and that’s good for business.

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Linking to the website is free and easy. Simply download one of our three logos via the button below, add the logo to your website and then add a web-link to the logo that will take people to

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Allerdale Borough Council’s Place Development Team is in regular contact with businesses and organisations. By signing up to our tourism and business newsletters you can learn about our work to develop and promote tourism within Allerdale, and also get involved with promotional campaigns and big events.

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You know when you search for a business name using Google and it shows up on the right-hand side of your screen, complete with a map, address, contact details and link to their website? That’s because they’ve set up a free Google My Business account.

If you haven’t done so already, we’d encourage you to do that now. It’s more than just a business listing – it means even more customers will be able to easily find you. Potential customers can see your opening hours and find the easiest way to get in touch. It also promotes your business across Google’s search results and you’ll get one of those red pins on Google Maps. By adding some photographs and updating it regularly, you can improve your Google rankings too – and that’s always going to benefit your business. You can even post special offers and events to keep your
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Why do businesses use Google My Business?

Increase the online visibility of your business and help people to locate and review your businesses

Calls, clicks and

Google gives you real time feedback to see how your customers engage with your business. See how many people have clicked ‘call’ or headed to your website, and how many times your business has been viewed.


Whether you’re open all hours or have fixed times that you work, make it easy for your customers or clients to check when you’re around by posting your opening hours on your Google My Business profile.


Are you doing something different because of Covid-19? Are you taking a bit of time off? Is there something else big happening with your business? You can post offers and updates so customers know what you’re up to.


If you’re doing something great, you want people to talk about you. Through Google My Business, your customers can review your products and services. Don’t forget to respond to your reviews – according to research, businesses that answer reviews are 1.7 times
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You can see what people have searched for when they’ve discovered your business – and see what other companies come up who are similar to you.


You can add products to your listing to show customers what you have in stock and showcase your range.


You can add a button so that customers can send you a message with just one click, allowing them to contact you right away, while you’ve caught their attention.

Share the load

Google My Business doesn’t have to be looked after by just one person so you can make other members of staff managers on the site while you can get on with other things.