Welcome motorhome owners

Enjoy Allerdale in your Motorhome

Use the Google map below to find paid camping and caravanning sites that welcome tourers. You can also find attractions, places to eat and drink as well as providers of local services. Plus please read this information booklet: How to safely dispose of your waste water.

Accommodation & Facilities Maps

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Virtual Allerdale

We want you to have a memorable time when you visit Allerdale and would appreciate your help to ensure that the area continues to thrive.
Here are some straight forward do’s and don’ts:


  • Support local businesses, enjoy quality food from local shops, cafes and pubs. Visit local attractions, especially on foot or bike. If using your vehicle check there is suitable access and parking.
  • Be respectful to our communities, keep noise and disruption to a minimum.
  • Avoid parking in unsuitable places and drive considerately. Some of our country roads have passing places,  so please don’t park in these.
  • Keep to roads away from the busier areas, narrow passes and single-track roads.
  • If a car is stuck behind you, pull in at a safe place to let them pass.
  • Park in an approved location and book in advance if you can. Please check out the paid sites in the Google map on this page.
  • Take all your litter with you, recycle wherever you can.
  • Dispose of all grey and black waste at official locations with safe and legal facilities.
  • Use site or public toilets.
  • Care for our special environment and avoid unnecessary driving and leave no trace.


  • Light fires or barbeques.
  • Park close to other vehicles.
  • Park anywhere with ‘no overnight parking or camping’ signs.
  • Block roads and gateways.
  • Damage verges and commons by driving off or partly off the road.
  • Don’t travel in convoy.
  • Pollute the environment with human waste.
  • Leave any litter or waste.