SLO Food Suppers


Starting to feel cautiously festive? Fantastic! In that case, why not order a SLO Food Suppers mid-winter feast? Expect a carefully crafted supper of seasonal, local, organic (SLO) dishes with generous portions for only £30pp. Perfect for any celebration in December, or as a way of enjoying a memorable meal without the 'faff' of cooking it yourself. Available to collect ready-to-eat every day throughout December (including New Year's Eve), except for December 24th, 25th and 26th. I'll need a few days' notice please as I will be cooking your supper to order. I’m Sharon Watson, a talented home cook who is passionate about encouraging people to eat and enjoy Cumbria's fabulous seasonal, local, organic (SLO) food. For more information, call Sharon Watson 01900 826635