Strolling 4 Shoes


Strolling 4 Shoes first opened its doors in Keswick in the Lake District attracting a hoard of shoe hungry Cumbrian customers! The reception that they received encouraged them to have another day out and we opened another branch in Penrith. In 2008 we opened a branch in Cockermouth which then fell victim to the 2009 floods and was completely devastated. Not to be put off, Andrew and Sue came back fighting and opened a flagship store on the corner of Main Street, Cockermouth in 2010. Not only has this branch become a destination shoe shop, it has also received two Highly Commended ratings from National Footwear Awards and played its part in Cockermouth receiving international recognition for its architectural regeneration after the flood. Strolling 4 Shoes now just has stores in Penrith and Cockermouth and our website. Our vision was, and continues to be, to offer Casual, Colourful and Comfortable shoes. The wide and varied range of styles are sourced from all over Europe. We have 20% off all of our shoes and boots. We are opening until 5pm Monday-Saturday and we are taking part in late night shopping on Thursdays until 7pm!