Percy Kelly walks in the Lake District

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Percy Kelly walking trails in Allerdale The Lake District

Artist Percy Kelly
Walking Trails

The Places that Inspired the Artist

Author and Kelly expert Chris Wadsworth says “West Cumbria was important to Percy Kelly and he is now important to West Cumbria. He lived for more than fifty years in Workington, Great Broughton, Allonby and Whitehaven. His lasting tour de force will always be the large charcoal and gouache paintings of the coastal harbours. These are the largest works he ever embarked on. His style is assured, confident and emotionally charged. It is sometimes dark but always honest.”  

You can follow in his footsteps with illustrated booklets to his work in Allonby, Maryport and Workington. The trails have been formed totally through Kelly’s paintings and drawings. Some have changed over the years and others are the same as the moment he painted them. They can be done in any order.

Blue Door and Red Sun painting by Percy Kelly

Allonby Walk

A walk round the village reveals plenty of Kelly subjects. He and his wife Audrey moved there, to Glen Cottage at the heart of the village in 1958.

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Maryport Walk

Kelly was fascinated by harbours and boats and for this reason, Maryport became one of his favourite places.

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Percy Kelly painting Maryport
Percy Kelly walk in Allerdale

Workington and Harrington Walk

Percy Kelly was born and grew up in Workington. A visit to the town helps us understand him and his work and the trail tells the story of Kelly’s childhood. 

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Boat and Sun Whitehaven painting by Percy Kelly