Xocolate is a family-run chocolatier based in Carlisle, Cumbria. Started in 2018 by Michelle Menhams – recently qualified as a Pastry Chef at Kendal College – who brings her patisserie experience to all aspects of chocolate-making. Michelle produces all her own fillings and toppings to create delicious hand-made premium chocolate truffles, bars and filled chocolates. You’ll find Xocolate products in a growing number of Cumbrian shops and online. They also supply accommodation providers and other businesses with bespoke gifts. The name Xocolate is derived from the Aztec word for chocolate, Xocolatl. The Mayans and Aztecs created a drink from the Cacao bean, mashing the bean paste with water. Xocolatl itself originates from two other words; 'xococ' which means sour, and 'atl' meaning water. Xocolate is pronounced as 'zokk-oh-latt'; or you can think of it as Chocolate starting with an X, but pronounced with a Z! Visit our website to find stockists or to order online.



07543 343011